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The new temporary barrier “T3” of class

From Ticopter Srl and Safital Srl a new project is born: a temporary barrier that can be used for the protection of high-performance construction sites was born, easily transportable and completely repositionable with the progress of the works to increase safety in the workplace

Temporary barrier installation

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A night application of the temporary barrier along the Brescia-Padova motorway

Conditions of narrow lanes, reduced circulation and construction site areas with men at work are becoming increasingly frequent on our roads. From here comes the idea of the new temporary barrier, marketed by Ticopter Srl with the name “Shark” and by Safital Srl as “Safit T3”, in order to increase road safety of vehicles in general and, in particular, of the operators who work there daily (

Through the experience gained in the road safety, the companies were able to develop, test and engineer this device which protects and safeguards not only vehicles and their occupants in the event of side collisions, but also the workers of construction sites.

It is also believed that the adoption of these devices should become a standard during road maintenance and not just the conscious choice of few companies attentive to the highest levels of safety.

  • Temporary barrier installation
    1A Temporary barrier installation
    1A. Example of temporary barrier installation part 1
  • Temporary barrier installation
    1B Temporary barrier installation
    1B. Example of temporary barrier installation part 2

A temporary New Jersey construction site barrier

In order to avoid the accidental invasion of foreign vehicles towards the construction site, the temporary barrier in question offers an ideal, practical and functional solution.

Within a regulatory context that provides for a classification of temporary barriers with three different containment levels, as reported in table n.2 of UNI EN 1317-2: 2010, the barrier developed by Ticopter and Safital fits with a T3 level, which is the highest level of containment for mobile barriers tested with a low impact angle.

For this category of barriers, the use of a low impact angle is due to the fact that, in the presence of works on the roadway, traffic circulation is always reduced, thus entailing the contemplation of an impact angle that varies from conventional 20° of the fixed barriers to 8° of the mobile barriers.

Site area protection
2. Site area protection

The device has successfully passed the crash tests, in accordance with the European standard UNI EN 1317-1 and 2: 2010. The results following the real impact tests TB21 (car with a total mass of 1.30 t) and TB41 (Rigid truck with a total mass of 10 t), carried out at the certified laboratory C.S.I. of Bollate (MI), and are summarized below:

  • containment level: T3;
  • ASI: A;
  • working width: 0,8 m – W2;
  • dynamic deflection: 0.2 m;
  • vehicle intrusion: 0.7 m – VI2.

The restraint device is composed of modules with a new jersey shape made of steel bound together, but not anchored directly to the ground. Each metal module is equipped with special trolleys for moving and handling according to site needs and can be performed directly by site operators without the aid of crane trucks or lifting equipment, making operations safer and decidedly faster.

  • Crash test example
    3A Crash test example
    3A. Crash test example
  • Crash test example
    3B Crash test example
    3B. Crash test example

This peculiarity offers a great advantage, avoiding the creation of extremely long linear construction sites as well as allowing, in case of need, the removal of the construction site and the instantaneous modification of the roads according to the needs of the Contracting Stations. In this context, the advantages for the applications of this device for night work are evident, allowing to restore ordinary traffic during the day.

To clearly identify the area and constitute a physical barrier (resistant) to any vehicles and ensure the best safety conditions for workers, the barrier will be fitted with reflective PVC bands compliant with the Highway Code and able to improve its visibility.

These preparations are indispensable where there are high risk conditions for the safety of workers.

  • Handling of New Jersey modules
    4A Handling of New Jersey modules
    4A. Handling of New Jersey modules of the temporary barrier
  • Handling of New Jersey modules
    4B Handling of New Jersey modules
    4B. Handling of New Jersey modules of the temporary barrier

The advantages

The device stands out within the road safety sector for its innovative strengths, starting from the ease of installation, to the modular steel structure and ending with the possibility of immediate repositioning.

The very low weight allows great logistical advantages. A common articulated lorry can carry up to 24 modules of 6 m length (for a total of 144 m), unlike a classic concrete protection where the weight strongly influences the transport and handling resulting in longer times and higher costs.

The adaptability of the temporary barrier to construction site needs is a highly innovative and not negligible aspect. In fact, during the handling phases, once the modules have been placed in position and their trolley groups activated, it is possible to move up to 60 m of barrier at a time (ten modules) allowing the gradual advancement of the site area without the aid. of lifting equipment.

Ticopter Srl

Ticopter is an italian Company that deals with the design and construction of road safety devices and offers a range of products, including integrated bridge edge barriers, safe gate, temporary barriers, special terminals and crash cushions.

The products studied and designed by Ticopter are all registered with a european patent. 

Solution to protect construction sites
5. A convenient solution to protect construction sites

Safital Srl

Safital Srl, active since 2003 in the public works sector in the field of road infrastructures, focuses on the supply and installation of road safety barriers and noise barriers.

Through the collaboration with the main public institutions in the field of road infrastructures, Safital has gained an extraordinary level of specialization, consolidating excellent efficiency in the technical and operational management of the construction site.

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