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Respectful asphalt plants for the circular economy

The Marini - Fayat Group asphalt plant

Marini Fayat plant

The asphalt production site we are presenting is in Trecastelli, between Pesaro Urbino and Ancona. The new asphalt plant was installed next to the old one, which is no longer running.

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“We needed to increase – said Geom. Nello Nasoni of Costruzioni Nasoni Srl – our hourly production capacity to meet new contract requirements, in particular with ANAS SpA. Moreover, the possibility of increasing the RAP percentage and reducing the plant’s environmental impact was a plus for us.

Reducing energy consumption, emissions, odours, and noise while increasing the RAP percentage is essential to ensure the lowest environmental impact possible.

After analysing the offerings of other competitors, we chose Marini’s Top Tower for several reasons, mainly because of Marini’s after-sales service, which helps us in the plant’s daily management (

Top Tower plant
1. The new Marini – Fayat Group asphalt plant has been installed in Trecastelli, between Pesaro Urbino and Ancona

When we visited their factory, we saw the improvements in quality control they made in the past few years. For example, final testing is carried out on the control cabin and software, the spare part warehouse is fully automated, and the after-sales service is more efficient thanks to a new authorised external workshop.

All these improvements and the factory’s proximity to our production plant were additional factors that helped us choose Marini as our supplier”.

Energy efficiencies

Moreover, besides optimising space and reducing assembly and maintenance times, the particular configuration of the drying-filtration bar helps minimise heat dispersion and fuel consumption. This results in fewer CO2 emissions, improving the environmental conditions nearby the plant.

What convinced us even more was that the plant was equipped with state-of-the-art technology that allows us to use recycled materials and increase the use of RAP, thus, reducing the use of raw materials, such as binder and aggregates, benefitting the circular economy.

We also focused on cold feeders. Our production meets our needs and those of our Clients. Therefore, it is crucial that we use the materials needed to produce a large number of formulas. As a result, we agreed on a supply of ten virgin aggregate cold feeders and three RAP cold feeders.

The drying-filtration bar
2. The particular configuration of the drying-filtration bar helps minimise heat dispersion and fuel consumption

This way, we can handle basalt, limestone, blast furnace slag and even pre-treated asphalt granules to produce various formulas and ensure the highest quality standards.

Today, thanks to the new Top Tower plant, Costruzioni Nasoni Srl is positioned on the market as a Company at the forefront of asphalt production. We believe that research, respectfor the environment, and the quality of the finished product will shape the future of our sector, which is why the Company has made significant investments (including an in-house quality control laboratory).

The drying drum

“The drying drum – says Eng. Roberto Berardi, Product Marketing Manager at Marini – works with a natural gas stove, thus minimising atmospheric emissions. A conveyor belt feeds the recycling ring with RAP. In addition, the sidewalk on the conveyor belt ensures safety during maintenance.

The mixer’s RAP feeding line reduces all formulas with maximum flexibility by using the screen or through direct discharge. This line was completed with throttle valves to modulate the negative pressure inside the mixer and allow the mixer’s vapour outlet pipe (oversized version) to run properly. This way, all the fumes created to produce asphalt are conveyed to the bag filter and processed before being released into the atmosphere.

As for the filler, we opted for a recovered fine storage bin and two imported filler storage bins to ensure maximum flexibility. This way, we can manage even non-standard productions, including cement or dehydrated lime dosage.

The drying drum
3. The drying drum works with a natural gas stove, thus minimising atmospheric emissions

The finished product storage bin was designed to store four pallets of material and handle other small productions with a separate direct discharge. The possibility to prepare high volumes of asphalt in advance makes the plant much more efficient (preventing production downtimes) as well as the entire supply chain, including the asphalt laying and compaction.

Even the binder tanks we chose are environmentally friendly. The increased insulation and the electric heating of the tanks and piping allow the binder to stay warm and consume less energy.

They also allow us to handle three types of binder (which can be selected via automatic valves from the plant’s software)”.

Costruzioni Nasoni Srl

Marco Nasoni established our Company in the early 1960s. It started as and still is a family-run business: “Our father taught us that it takes commitment and perseverance to overcome obstacles, take on the market’s challenges, and achieve major objectives”.

Our core business focuses on infrastructure, civil engineering, and construction-related works. We work with public contractors, construction Companies, industries and private Contractors.

In the early 1990s, we made a strategic choice, i.e. integrating our conglomerate, aggregate and concrete production plants with debris and milled material recycling plants, pursuing a circular and environmentally sustainable economy.

Marini Top Tower plant
4. The Marini Top Tower plant is respectful of the circular economy

Total Quality Management has transformed management, production systems, and corporate culture. The result of a road to an integrated policy that promotes actions aiming at improving products, work conditions, customer satisfaction, and protecting the environment in compliance with the regulations in force.

Thanks to its plants for producing asphalt, ready-mixed concrete, recycled aggregates and related materials, Costruzioni Nasoni Srl can complete turnkey projects at competitive prices. Moreover, we specialise in infrastructural works, such as road surfaces, construction of architectural concrete structures, and primary and secondary urbanisation projects.

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