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Advanced and sustainable solutions: in-line excavation, bulk excavation and mining

Founded in Italy in 1952, Tesmec SpA has a rich tradition of innovation and success, positioning itself as a global leader in the reference market

400MCT Tesmec

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The Trenchers and Surface Miners Business Unit offers advanced and sustainable solutions for a wide range of applications: from in-line excavations to civil works, from the laying of underground networks to surface mining and bulk excavations.

The headquarters is located in Grassobbio (Bergamo), where the design, production and sales of a wide range of high quality products are concentrated. Tesmec operates on a global scale, through subsidiaries located in different geographical regions, from France to the United States, Africa, the Middle East and Oceania.

The strategy is based on a “Glocal” approach, which allows the company to be a global force with deep roots in key areas of the world, recognizing and responding to the specific needs of the various markets in which it operates.

Tesmec offers the customer a complete package of solutions, from the sale of the Trencher or Surface Miners, to consulting, geotechnical analysis, training, after-sales service, spare parts supply and rental possibilities. This makes the Italian company a reliable and innovative partner in the sector, contributing to the sustainable progress of earthmoving and mining activities globally.

The power of Tesmec solutions: added value in the jobsite

Tesmec’s Trencher and Surface Miners are the alternative to conventional methods that maximize productivity and replace more traditional machines on site, making projects faster and more efficient, increasing revenue and reducing operating costs.

In addition, it is possible to achieve high performance in all soil conditions, even in hard and abrasive rock, simplifying operations, reducing logistics costs and facilitating the management of the site.

By using Tesmec’s working methodology, you can reduce CO2 emissions, fuel consumption, excavated volumes and minimize environmental impact. State-of-the-art technology equipped on Tesmec machines allows you to maintain full control of excavation and intelligent site management.

Tesmec e-Sidecut
1. The micro-trancher Tesmec e-Sidecut new all electric machine for fiber optic

E-Sidecut: the revolution for a sustainable future

In November, Tesmec partnered with Orange via Bonneau TP for a demo involving e-Sidecut. The operation was conducted in Baumont du Lac, France, and demonstrated the success of Tesmec’s new all-electric machine, which achieved outstanding results. The e-Sidecut represents an innovative solution for the installation of fiber optic networks in urban areas, with a strong commitment to the environment and sustainability. This micro-trencher reduces the need for field personnel and improves safety standards.

Equipped with a modular electrical architecture, the e-Sidecut eliminates the use of internal combustion engines, ensuring zero emissions, noise reduction and lower operating costs. The introduction of the e-Sidecut marks only the first step of Tesmec towards a complete line of electric machines.

Tesmec reveals its solutions at Intermat 2024: innovation and sustainability at the heart of excellence

Tesmec is excited to announce its participation in the Intermat exhibition, which will be held in Paris from 24 to 27 April. An unmissable event, in which it will proudly present all its products and solutions, showcasing its commitment to innovation and sustainability in the field of earthmoving machinery, fiber optics and energy.

Tesmec’s participation will extend beyond mere exposure, also involving its French subsidiary, Marais by Tesmec Group. This branch is well known in France for both the sale and rental of fiber optic and energy machinery, consolidating the presence and importance of the brand in France.

The focus of Tesmec’s exhibition will be to present a comprehensive proposal. All the solutions presented will feature cutting- edge innovation, a sustainable ecological footprint and a significant breakthrough in technology. Tesmec is positioned as one of the first players in the market to offer machinery for zero emissions construction sites, thus demonstrating its commitment to environmental sustainability.

In addition, Tesmec will present its new product, the 400MCT chainsaw attachment, launched in 2023, together with the Georadar Explorer 3.0, a state-of-the art machinery for subsurface mapping and surveying before trench excavations. Among the novelties also the Greenpose, an innovative machine developed in collaboration with partner Todesco, which offers a unique formula, performing four activities in a single step.

Furthermore, the e-Sidecut machine will also be available, an innovative solution for installing fiber optic networks in urban areas, with a strong commitment to the environment and sustainability. This unique modular machine operates on both electric and diesel power.

At Hall 5A booth E037, Tesmec will organize several round tables and press conferences to further deepen the distinctive features of its products and share the latest in the industry. We invite you to join us in this extraordinary event, where Tesmec will demonstrate in detail that it is the ideal partner, offering integrated solutions to industry challenges.

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