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First European Roads Infrastructure Congress

First European Roads Infrastructure Congress

Dal 18 al 20 Ottobre 2016 – Leeds (UK)


The event will showcase the best of the UK specialist Road Marking sector as well as seek to position the UK at the centre of defining policy across Europe.

At a time when the UK government is taking the lead in adopting innovative management and financing models for the delivery of road infrastructure, and with the establishment of Highways England as an independent body with a ring-fenced multi-annual budget, the 2016 event will bring together policy makers, academics, research institutes, road authorities and industry representatives from across the continent to explore the following three overarching themes:

  1. Delivery of Road Infrastructure: how can both the UK and Europe improve its delivery model in a way that enables road authorities to ask for better solutions, provides industry with more incentives for innovation and road users with an optimal use of public resources;
  2. Road Safety: in view of the recent slowdown in fatality reduction figures across the UK and the wider EU, how can the main players involved in the road infrastructure sector work better together in order to identify practical solutions that enable Europe to achieve its target of a 50% cut in road fatalities;
  3. Adaptation of road infrastructure in view of technological changes: innovations in vehicle technologies and the road infrastructure itself will mean that the road of the future will differ significantly to what it is today. Amongst others, the theme will examine the challenges posed by road automation for the road infrastructure sector and the role of roads in Europe’s future socio-economic model in view of innovations such as energy harvesting infrastructure.

The event will feature all of the traditional elements which have made Roadmarking !ive one of THE MUST attend events in the UK Highways calendar whilst also seeking to demonstrate the revolutionary equipment and practices the specialist sectors in the UK have to offer to Europe as a whole.

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