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Versatility and compactness: the Centauro L 120.56-APR

Why Centauro L 120.56-APR by Cams Srl? Because it performs three processes in a single machine. Because it recycles 100% of the asphalt. Because it respects the environment. Because it is unique. And because it is totally Made in Italy

  Versatility and compactness – Per la versione in Italiano:

Cams recycling technology is now known throughout Europe and in many countries around the world. The Italian company leader in recycling sector of inert materials has for some time now paid its attention to the recovery of asphalt, obtaining excellent answers from the market thanks to the unique efficiency of the solutions offered with versatility.

The process developed by Cams for the recovery of RAP, involves the simultaneous use of a primary crusher FTR series, a screening unit and a secondary granulator model CTR. These machines, which are used simultaneously, are highly versatile, considering also the multitude of operating configurations offered by the Cams range; allow obtaining a finished product of the highest functional quality to the specific application needs.

Through the years, Cams developed numerous fixed plants consisting of the machinery necessary for the recycling of asphalt. Now, the Italian Company wanted to propose in its product range a solution that combines the efficiency and reliability of a fixed plant with the versatility of a mobile machine.

That’s how Centauro L 120.56-APR was born. The machine is crawler mounted and meant to be compact in size, in order to bring the process directly on the road.

The idea of developing Centauro was born on the field, chatting with some of the most established Customers. The repeated needs were the need to recycle as much material as possible, to be able to do it directly on site to reduce transport costs and above all minimize the environmental impact.

  • Cams
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    1. The process developed by Cams for the recovery of RAP, involves the simultaneous use of a primary crusher FTR series, a screening unit and a secondary granulator model CTR
  • Recycle
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    2. Cams plant for RAP recycling

FTR 1200, the primary shredder with counter-rotating shafts

Unlike traditional crushers used in recycling processes, the Cams FTR granulator is equipped with two counter-rotating toothed shafts that operate at low speeds. This process allows crushing by exploiting the shear strength and thus optimizing energy consumption, while the low rpm significantly reduces wear and dust emissions compared to traditional technologies.

The crushing performed by this machine preserves the characteristics of the product without altering its grain size curve and without dispersing the bitumen contained in the incoming product, as verified by the tests carried out in collaboration with the laboratories of the Alma Mater Studiorum at University of Bologna.

Pusher system, the patented mechanical finger system

There are five patented systems that Centauro L 120.56-APR can boast, among which the Pusher System stands out, recently patented also internationally.

It is a system of mechanical fingers, the so-called pushers, which allow processing not only the milled but also the asphalt slabs. Equipped with knives on their ends, the task of the pushers is to reduce the slabs dimensionally and to increase the holding capacity of the counter-rotating shafts, keeping the material inside the useful angle of the teeth, and allowing us to recycle even that part of the material that would otherwise end up in the oversize stockpile.

  • Centauro L 120.56-APR
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    3. The patented Pusher system
  • RAP
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    4. The final product

The CVV 056, the super efficient screening unit

The two-decked screen model CVV 056 has a total screening surface of 5,6 m2. It is designed to bear the abundant amount of product coming from the primary crusher and thus optimize the productive efficiency of the entire machinery.

What makes CVV 056 unique is the distance between the two decks that has been increased to facilitate the exchange of networks. This feature increases the versatility of use of the entire machinery making it usable not only for the recycling of asphalt but also other construction and demolition materials.

The two-storey screen, together with the branded belt of which is equipped Centauro L 120.56-APR, allows you to choose a double final result: three finished products, or two finished products and one “oversize”.

What if you need to get only two finished pieces, without finding use for the so-called “over-measure” material? That’s where Cams innovates even more.

Open or closed loop?

Centauro L 120.56-APR is equipped with a branded belt that allows you to change the production cycle from open to closed with an elementary operation and to bring back to the crushing process the material “oversize” when it is not expected to be used again.

The third machine installed on the plant carries out the secondary crushing. The high-compression roll-mill model CTR 1200 which, thanks to its unique technology consisting of slow rotation armour shafts, is able to reduce the product to the only two useful final dimensions, without filler production and providing an output that preserves a homogeneous grain size curve and 100% of the bitumen contained in the initial product.

Versatility and compactness

  • Versatility and compactness
    5 cams
    5. The Centauro L 120.56-APR with closed circuit
  • Versatility and compactness
    6 cams
    6. The secondary shredder type CTR 1200

The Centauro L 120.56 Asphalt Paving Recycling

Centauro L 120.56-APR is a mobile plant that combines primary and secondary crusher, magnetic overband and screening unit in a single solution that has proved to be the best in asphalt recycling.

Centauro L 120.56 Asphalt Paving Recycling is able to recycle both slabs and milled asphalt regardless of weather conditions or the type of material with a productivity up to 180 t/hour.

Cams designed Centauro L120.56-APR to meet the standard transport gauge. Centauro is not only design and efficiency, but also environmental friendly. The machine comes with dust and noise abatement and it is designed to work with electric motorization to high efficiency, today the whole Centauro range brings home of its Customers the hybrid technology.

Centauro L 120.56-APR is a FPT Industrial Cursor 9 305 kW diesel engine already compliant to Stage V/Tier 4F emissions standards, is operating during movement operations and serves, during working phases, as generator for electronic equipment on site thanks to the two 220 and 280 V sockets placed on the machine.

Alternatively, to limit fuel consumption and environmental impacts, Centauro L 120.56-APR, like all machines in the Cams range, is able to operate in full-electric mode by connecting directly to the power grid on site.

Cams has made his constancy in the search for increasingly green technologies his slogan: “The future is green”.

Versatility and compactness
7. Centauro range is powered by FPT Industrial’s engines

Continuous evolution, greater benefits

Centauro L 120.56-APR meets the requirements to obtain the Industry 4.0 incentives. The mobile plant is equipped with a client-customizable PLC to allow an exchange of data with servers and a two-way communication between machine and construction site logistics.

Centauro can install a weighing system on the discharge belts in order to have a continuous measurement of the material produced.

The information collected is sent to the PLC of the plant and made available, together with all other operating information, in order to allow a prompt and correct management of the logistic system of the site.

  Versatility and compactness – Per la versione in Italiano: