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High level on the asphalt at high altitude

O.M.S. Srl delivers in Cuneo the first finishing machine Sumitomo HA60W-11 to Costrade Srl

High level on the asphalt at high altitude   Per la versione in Italiano:

Finally the first unit of Sumitomo HA60W-11 has been delivered by O.M.S. Srl to Costrade Srl in Saluzzo (

The extreme trust of Costrade Srl, in the figures of its owners, the Lovera family, and of its team of skilled operators shown by the order of the new Sumitomo HA60W-11 at the end of 2021, when there was still none exemplary on the market, was rewarded with full satisfaction during first implementation.

On that occasion, the machine was immediately tested in a very particular jobsite, with considerable slopes and restricted spaces in to move through, alternating with paving widths close to 6 meters.

The Sumitomo HA60W-11
1. The first Sumitomo HA60W-11 touches Italian asphalt in Crissolo (CN)

In these different situations, the new model also confirmed the very high level of traction guaranteed by its recognized overall balance and the proven functionality of the single front axle, and its feeding capacity, thanks to the devices it is equipped with, unique among all its competitors.

The Costrade Srl guys were able to immediately test the versatility and easiness of the new HA60W-11 as well, being able to appreciate the advantages of the overall length reduced by 340 mm compared to the previous model and the refined ability to retain the material inside the hoppers even when descending, thanks to the redesigned profile of the front side-flaps.

Tackling important slopes, most of them on slippery surfaces, the traction again obtained the promotion with flying colors, reassuring the entire team of operators about the possibilities of their new Sumitomo on the typical mountain roads of the area around Cuneo.

  • A high slope
    2A A high slope
    2A. Considerable slopes didn’t put in trouble neither the new Sumitomo HA60W-11 nor the expert Costrade’s crew
  • Working with a Sumitomo HA60W-11
    2B Working with a Sumitomo HA60W-11
    2B. Considerable slopes didn’t put in trouble neither the new Sumitomo HA60W-11 nor the expert Costrade’s crew

As we had anticipated to Costrade Srl, this new Sumitomo model confirmed all the unique and advantageous technical characteristics of the previous model:

  • refined hydraulics without flow dividers, with load-sensing pumps and all the main hydraulic motors with variable displacement system;
  • the super tested electronics managing all the machine’s functions and equipped with several emergency systems that avoid machine blocks;
  • the heating management system, which includes a hydraulic motor driving the generator and a solid-state relay system that can lower the output voltage up to 6 kW, to ensure effort and reduced consumption;
  • the layout of the main and screed control panels with colour displaies and analogue toggle-switches, synonymous with simplicity, economy and versatility.
On a remarkable slope
3. The great Sumitomo machines’ traction was confirmed also in considerable slopes on slippery surfaces

In addition to these well-known and appreciated features, there are also the advantages of the reduced overall length, the newly designed front flap system, the “auto tamper speed” option (which, once activated, adjusts the speed of the tamper according to the forward speed of the machine) and of an aesthetic care unknown in previous models for what concerns general proportions, canopy design and side glazed panels.

Concerning the automatic levelling system, the latest generation Moba Matic II is confirmed with slope sensor’s wire integrated into the machine, as standard.

Obviously, several additional options are also available for this new model, some of completely japanese origin and production, others designed and built by O.M.S. Srl.

Together with these options, O.M.S. Srl also offers a series of equipments which the machine can be set up with, all made in Europe.

  • Sumitomo and the considerable slopes
    4A Sumitomo and the considerable slopes
    4A. The new front-flap shape of Sumitomo HA60W-11 showed its ability to hold the material inside the hoppers, not to leave it in front of the wheels
  • The front-flap of the HA60W-11
    4B The front-flap of the HA60W-11
    4B. The new front-flap shape of Sumitomo HA60W-11 showed its ability to hold the material inside the hoppers, not to leave it in front of the wheels

From PPCS Paving Process Control System to the modular longitudinal leveling system BIG-Sonic Ski by MOBA (Germany) and from IR Joint Heater system to Mattracker (auto extension control) by TF-Technologies (Denmark), consumption has also been monitorized by O.M.S. Srl.

The comparison with the excellent results obtained by the previous model, the Sumitomo HA60W-8 powered by Isuzu, did not reserve any surprises: increased by a negligible percentage, it has been confirmed as the most advantageous in the category thanks also to the new Yanmar 4TN107 engine in Stage V.

Choosing this machine, Costrade Srl has shown to keep the focus on the quality of job, guaranteeing the possibility of paving even the most difficult roads typical of the mountainous areas of northern Italy with a high-level machine, and towards the well-being of its operators.

Also relying on the judgment of those who will daily use the machine is the best prerequisite for obtaining remarkable results in all road-construction sites that will have to be faced. And Lovera family know this very well.

High level on the asphalt at high altitude
5. Bressan brothers and OMS’s Sales Manager Massimiliano Mondellini, together with Mr. Enrico Lovera during the presentation in O.M.S. Srl

So congratulation to Costrade Srl for the agreed trust in O.M.S. Srl and the seriousness shown, certain that they will be repaid with equal seriousness and with a reliable and versatile product with a long “road” ahead… 

Costrade’s history

The road construction Company Costrade srl from Saluzzo was founded in 1979 by the surveyor Franco Lovera and, now a day, has about 50 employees and as many external collaborators.

It’s specialized in special road constructions, excavations and earth movements, aqueducts and sewers, water defense and embankment arrangements, but also in urbanization, naturalistic and green engineering works, as well as in the supply of natural scree, taken directly from the owned quarries, located in Saluzzo, at the foot of the Monviso mountain, in Cuneo district.

After the indispensable and formative apprenticeship in the family farm, Mr. Franco Lovera first worked as a laborer, then as surveyor and, finally, as a manager in the Albrate Company in Vinovo (TO), and then opened Costrade Srl in 1979.

High level on the asphalt at high altitude
6. The machine driver Elis, the roller driver Ervin, the skilled worker Gertian and the foreman Agron from Costrade Srl, satisfied at the end of the delivery in Crissolo

The seriousness, entrepreneurial skills and work ethic learned during the years spent in the college by the Salesian monks in Valdocco (TO), guarantee Mr. Lovera constant business growth, affirmation and a welldeserved respect by all authorities in the area, and beyond.

Together with the President Franco Lovera, driving the Company today are his sons Elena, Vice President and Enrico, Technical Director. Enrico is a member of the board of directors of the “small Industry” of Cuneo and Vice President of the GGI of “ANCE Confindustria” Cuneo.

Elena, born in 1978, is in charge of the administration of the Company, she has been President of ANCE Cuneo and today she is President of the “Construction School” of Cuneo and Vice President of Confindustria Cuneo and ANCE Piemonte.

Elena is the one who talks about the future: “Costrade is the result of the great work done by our family and our collaborators over the years.

High level on the asphalt at high altitude
7. The new modern aesthetics goes well with amazing landscape next to Cuneo

To solidify the foundations of the Company born in the time of our father, my brother and I, as the second generation, are focusing on the innovative aspect, because it is fundamental and necessary to consolidate and grow, taking advantage of what we have.

We try to adapt to a complex scenario, in the awareness that exploiting all the new technologies available for vehicles and adequately training our workforce and our technicians, means to be able to be more competitive in the market. We have an excellent team and we are determined to take this challenge forward”.

High level on the asphalt at high altitude   Per la versione in Italiano: