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Ground stabilization works for cycleway construction

A FAE MTM/HP works on a section of the Walled Cities Circuit in Veneto

Ground stabilization works for cycleway construction   Per la versione in Italiano:

The construction of cycleways is a hot topic in Italy. In fact, the Country needs to make up for the lost time of recent years and remedy the shortage in this type of infrastructure, which offers the possibility of sustainable mobility and attracts increasing numbers of Italian and European visitors every year.

Indeed, the market for this kind of active holiday runs well into the thousands and it is becoming a popular trend within Italy itself.

In response, many Italian provinces and local authorities are investing to construct a new cycleway or connect and improve the accessibility of existing ones. The “Bicitalia” project, which covers every region of Italy and aims to create a unified national cycle route, is perhaps the most representative example. 

cycleway construction
1. The FAE MTM/HP with a Deutz-FAHR 9340 TTV tractor

The Walled Cities Circuit

Meanwhile, the Province of Padua launched a call for tenders for the construction of a 32 km section of cycleway to form part of the Walled Cities Circuit, which connects the towns of Monselice, Este, Montagnana, San Salvaro, Merlara and Vighizzolo d’Este.

The multi-kilometer circuit crosses through the paduan plains, the Euganean hills and the Scodosia region, and was partially completed in 2020.

F.A.I. Srl, a Company based in Fossò (VE) that has been operating in Veneto, Lombardy, Friuli and Emilia Romagna since 1981 and specializes in construction, asphalt, waste transportation and rail and forestry works, was awarded the public contract (along with Ecovie Srl and Girardini Costruzioni Generarli Spa) to conduct the roadworks on this section of the cycleway.

The firm’s owners Alberto and Federico Giora explained the details of the various phases of the works, which began in December 2021 and are due for completion in July 2022. The works are conducted using a multitask FAE MTM/HP machine purchased in June 2021, paired with a Deutz-FAHR 9340 TTV tractor ( 

The stages of the project

“The section of works in our remit runs along the true left bank of the “Scolo Fontana” canal between Villa Bartolomea and Chiesa Vecchio close to Montagnana: the embankment is composed of rather loose earth with a high sand and clay content, but with some small rocks – explains Giora.

When we began to work at the cycleway, the site was completely covered by vegetation, mainly grass, weeds and small shrubs. The first task was to remove the surface material using the Deutz-FAHR 9340 TTV tractor and a harrow and leveler.

cycleway construction
2. The Province of Padua launched a call for tenders for the construction of a 32 km section of cycleway to form part of the Walled Cities Circuit, which connects the towns of Monselice, Este, Montagnana, San Salvaro, Merlara and Vighizzolo d’Este

We took soil samples and sent them for analysis in the laboratory to see which binding agent would be most suitable in the ground stabilization phase: out of lime and cement, we decided to use cement.

After this meticulous technical evaluation we added a stabilizing layer of 0-20 gravel to the soil and then applied a layer of cement using the cement spreader. At this point our FAE MTM/HP came into play, consolidating the earth in two successive passes and leaving the ground instantly stabilized and completely uniform in terms of particle size.

We then passed a 200-tons iron/rubber roller over the site, compacting the earth several times, and then used the leveler to achieve the desired profile of the land. All that remained was a final pass of the finishing iron/rubber roller to complete the final compaction.

Once the surface was perfectly even, we applied the asphalt and a layer of grit, also known as the “triple-layer” (a mixture of bitumen and gravel) that offers a very natural “gravel effect” suitable for bicycles. At this point our work was complete. Cycling along a cycleway constructed in this way is pleasant and safe: there are no holes, bumps, puddles or other obstacles that can create problems for cyclists”. 

A word from the site Engineers

Let’s get a professional opinion of FAE from Alberto Giora and his team of engineers. “We were immensely satisfied with the MTM/HP – says Giora. This multitask machine is really aiding our work regularly and without hiccups.

We work earth up to 40 cm deep at an average speed of 1,5 km/hour. The cost of fuel is around 40-45 liters/hour. At the end of the works we will have stabilized 162,000 m2 of earth and with the help of this machine we know we are always working to capacity.

cycleway construction
3. Detail of the embankment, composed of rather loose soil with a high sand and clay content

What’s more, we’ve been really impressed by the resistance to wear of the original FAE teeth attached to our rotor. The machine has already done over 400 hours of work on various types of terrain and the teeth show no signs of wear: we’re still using the original set that was mounted when we bought the machine in June 2021.

We’re also very happy with the performance of the MTM/HP on rocky terrain: we know that if we happen to come across particularly hard materials like blocks of cement during our work, the machine will have no problem in breaking them down, and not all models on the market offer this level of security.

Other benefits we’ve noticed on site when using the Deutz-FAHR 9340 TTV combined with the MTM/HP are the reversing speed and the good rear visibility, which mean we can always keep the works under control.

But perhaps the biggest plus for a Company like ours which operates on different sites is the machine’s versatility and its ease of transport thanks to its compact size. We can move it quickly and easily from one site to the next using tractors on normal asphalt roads and carriageways without needing to use special machinery. This results in huge savings of both time and money”.

On site, the FAE MTM/HP was paired with a Deutz-FAHR 9340 tractor, which has a six-cylinder, 7,775 cm3 motor and a maximum output of 336 horsepower. It is regulated using the advanced electronically controlled continuously variable TTV transmission system with a speed range of 0,2 km/hours to 60 km/hours in all towing conditions.

cycleway construction
4. The last pass with the finishing iron/rubber roller to complete the final compaction

FAE MTM: technical specifications and performances

The FAE MTM and MTM/HP are multitask machines that can be used with tractors between 240 and 360 hp. They are designed to stabilize terrain, crush rocks and mill asphalt up to a depth of 40 cm.

The compact size and excellent maneuverability enable the MTM to work on surfaces which are difficult to reach using self-powered vehicles. One of the most important features of this model is the variable displacement chamber.

This technological solution, which is one of a kind in the industry, allows the ground to be penetrated with the rotor alone, which can be adjusted hydraulically from the tractor cabin. The chamber has a variable volume: the greater the working depth, the greater the volume of the chamber.

Compared to a machine that plunges the frame into the ground, the variable displacement chamber reduces traction stress, which decreases fuel consumption and increases operating speed, saving time as a result.

The variable displacement chamber also offers excellent performance in terms of rock crushing. Furthermore, the Hardox® wear-resistant counter blade and grille on the rear hood guarantee the desired granulometry of material processed.

The chamber reduces traction stress
5. Compared to a machine that plunges the frame into the ground, the variable displacement chamber reduces traction stress

Other notable features of the series include the hydraulically controlled front and rear hood, the interchangeable Hardox® wear-resistant plates, the completely enclosed and dust-resistant body, the internal lateral protection, the protection chain, the adjustable Hardox® counter blade, the transmission system, the free wheel gearbox, the clutchless drive shaft (HP version) or drive shaft with clutch for the classic version, the side drive shafts with friction clutch, the welded steel bolt-on rotors, the adjustable skids and the dozing blades with spring system. 

Optional accessories

Various options are available for the MTM, such as the extended 3-point linkage system, multi-tooth options, the hydraulic top link, the WSS High Flow water spray system and the FCS full control system. 

The WSS High Flow system

The WSS High Flow system is a water spray system powered by a hydraulic motor and equipped with a high capacity pump.

The system has been designed to offer better mixing. In fact, the high capacity of the pump not only prevents the teeth from overheating, thus enabling asphalt shredding and recycling activities; it also promotes higher humidity levels in the mixed earth, making the machine suitable for stabilization works.

The multifunctional FAE MTM
6. The FAE MTM is a rock grinder, soil stabilizer, stone crusher and asphalt shredder for PTO tractors
The FCS Full Control System

The FCS Full Control System is a state-of-the-art automatic injection system designed by FAE to offer optimum water supply and distribution and/or stabilization using liquid binding agents.

This system enables the operator to set the exact quantity of liquid on the display based on the road surface (l/m2) or the crushing volume (l/m3).

Ground stabilization works for cycleway construction   Per la versione in Italiano: