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INTERTRAFFIC Amsterdam celebrates 50th brand anniversary

INTERTRAFFIC Amsterdam is the leading global trade event on smart mobility, infrastructure, traffic management, road safety and parking

INTERTRAFFIC celebrates the anniversary

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Over the years INTERTRAFFIC has been responsible for identifying trends, launching new products, giving the world its first view of technological innovations and announcing a plethora of initiatives, new Companies and major collaborations and joint ventures.

The 2022 edition will feature well over 800 exhibitors spread over 13 exhibit halls, combined with a free to attend 120 session strong educational component, the INTERTRAFFIC Summit & Demonstration Programme. INTERTRAFFIC Amsterdam will run from 29 March to 1 April 2022 in RAI Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Meeting at Intertraffic 2018
1. Meeting at Intertraffic 2018

The power of data

The increasing global population and consequent rise in urbanization brings constant new challenges to keep our roads smart, safe and environmentally friendly. Among those challenges are digitalization, consumer demand and regulatory pressure.

Accurate, timely data holds the key to the future of mobility. Its untapped value and almost unfathomable potential mean that data is often referred to as the ‘new oil’ or ‘new gold’.

Data is increasingly captured via advances in connectivity, sensors, the exacting requirements of Automated Vehicles and, crucially, drivers and travellers are ever-more willing to share their personal information in exchange for bespoke, personalized services.

With the advent and rapid implementation of Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things digital scenarios can be created that make our journeys both smart and convenient. Data is the new fuel for mobility and we can speed up the mobility transition, accelerate the process and improve the quality of life for everyone. 

A moment of speech 2018
2. A moment of speech 2018

Focus of INTERTRAFFIC Amsterdam 2022

The 2022 edition of INTERTRAFFIC Amsterdam will have a strong focus on the ever increasing digitalization and the importance of real-time data exchange. Whether it is linking every stakeholder in the mobility ecosystem, connecting roadside equipment with vehicles to improve road safety and traffic flow, monitoring traffic or offering seamless travel experiences, real-time data flows will be at the heart of any mobility service.

It will make travelling more sustainable, cities more liveable, traffic management smarter and roads safer. At INTERTRAFFIC Amsterdam many exhibitors will highlight the potential of unlocking data. 

Global mobility community meet up

INTERTRAFFIC Amsterdam 2022 will welcome global traffic and mobility professionals from an anticipated 100+ countries. Exhibiting and visiting participants range from technology suppliers, solution vendors, system integrators and service providers to government authorities, trade associations and research institutes. All major Stakeholders groups involved in creating and maintaining a smart, safe and sustainable mobile world will be represented.

3. During INTERTRAFFIC 2018

Public and private organisations will sketch a balanced picture of challenges and opportunities, offering learnings to anyone involved in the mobility scene. Pioneers and innovators will share knowledge and discuss the mobility of the future.

Authorities will show the progress and lessons learned regarding governance, social, economic and environmental goals and the many mobility challenges they are facing. Technology suppliers, service providers and solution vendors will present and demonstrate their solutions and share best practices with the mobility industry and end-users.

Insights, future proof solutions, business opportunities

What makes INTERTRAFFIC Amsterdam unique is that is a one stop destination for insights, future proof solutions, business opportunities and a global peer network.

The event covers smart mobility, infrastructure, traffic management, road safety and parking all under one roof and features the largest international presentation of innovative mobility technology and solutions. In attendance are public and private parties and research institutes from across the entire mobility ecosystem.

The complimentary summit programme offers a wealth of free to attend knowledge sessions, workshops, discussion & demonstrations for visitors to engage in. Valuable networking and matchmaking opportunities are offered both on the show floor and ahead of the event via the new INTERTRAFFIC Connect platform. 

New technologies at Intertraffic 2018
4. New technologies at Intertraffic 2018

INTERTRAFFIC Summit Programme expanded

INTERTRAFFIC’s free to attend knowledge programme has been significantly expanded. This year’s edition will feature no less than three Summit theatres, all conveniently grouped together in hall 7, plus an open stage, a network area to meet up with speakers and in- and outdoor demonstration areas.

The programme will feature daily keynotes, interactive presentations, workshops, debates and panel discussions focusing on innovations, user experiences presenting mobility solutions and policy guidelines that fully respond to the challenges in the sector.

The open stage area features pitch presentations and some work sessions where presenters and stakeholder organizations can talk about their mobility solutions and their policy guidelines that offer many innovative solutions and best practices to speed up the mobility transition.

Renowned Companies, cities and Stakeholder organizations

Part of the Summit Programme will be renowned Companies, cities and stakeholder organizations such as Swarco, 3M, Yunex Traffic, EasyPark, Vitronic, Nissan and Amazon Web Services, SMA Road Safety, International Road Federation, Polis, City of Amsterdam, Rijkswaterstaat and the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, TomTom, Visa, Mobileye, Teledyne FLIR, Redflex Traffic Systems, Flowbird, WPS Traffic Systems and many others.

Trade at the fair
5. Trade at the fair

The preliminary programme will be available as of the end of January on the INTERTRAFFIC website and the INTERTRAFFIC Connect online networking platform. 

Hot topics digitalization and data

Hot topics, such as digitalization and automation, artificial intelligence, the enormous growth in data collection and increasing connectivity will be covered as travellers need more information than ever before.

The programme also deals with pressing issues and challenging subjects, such as achieving Green Deal objectives, vision zero, integrated mobility services and redesigning infrastructure.

Next generation traffic management and the changing role of the road operator and how that is becoming an increasingly digital role is on the agenda as well. Sustainability is also key.

The question is not just how the challenges in cities are going to be met when it comes to liveability, safety and sustainability, which are integrated into traffic management solutions, but also the modal shifts, integrated mobility services, Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans and how to use public space in a more flexible way. These are all issues that will be addressed.

Trends revealed

The summit programme reveals several interesting trends this year. To name a few; application of artificial intelligence to make roads safer, how to get from big data to smart traffic management, how to create smart data applications for the road operator and for the road user/traveller and creating more traffic insights using data collected in all kinds of ways.

Apparent from both the Summit Programme and the exhibition halls is the increasing optimization of traffic monitoring using cloud technology and roadway analytics.

Customers and Exhibitors in 2018
6. Customers and Exhibitors in 2018

Green Deal Workshops

A number of workshops are staged focussing on the impacts of the Green Deal. What are the new guidelines for the reduction in CO2 emissions and how can cities and road operators deliver on the targets agreed in the European Climate Law?

What does this mean for the way cities are designed? How can roads and public space be used in a more flexible way? And how can services be created that give people a genuine choice in new mobility modes? These are the experiences that will be shared with the Summit’s audience. 

ITSUP – Speed up your Startup

Up and coming businesses are the future of the industry. INTERTRAFFIC offers startups their own exposure platform ITSUP. ITSUP will be an integrated event at INTERTRAFFIC Amsterdam, facilitating the perfect opportunity to pitch innovative solutions with a large quality audience of traffic technology professionals. The INTERTRAFFIC brand, with its global event portfolio, provides the ideal setting for startups to present their solutions and connect with suitable partners.

ITSUP will be staged in a dedicated area and will have an open stage available for presentations as well as a networking corner facilitating matchmaking. Moreover, there is scope for live demonstrations in and around RAI Amsterdam. ITSUP is powered by platinum sponsor Swarco AG. 

In the pavillion at 2018
7. In the pavillions at 2018


The INTERTRAFFIC Awards will be presented during the opening ceremony of INTERTRAFFIC Amsterdam 2022. INTERTRAFFIC has recently revised the classification categories and added the opportunity for non-exhibiting organisations to join the competition:

  • INTERTRAFFIC Green Globe Award – This award recognises solutions, products and working practices that are helping to create a sustainable transport system for the future;
  • INTERTRAFFIC User Experience Award – This award will showcase the transport systems that break new ground in the way they seamlessly interface with their human operators;
  • INTERTRAFFIC Inspiration Award – This award recognises Companies who have developed essential solutions while pushing innovation to the next level.

Exhibitors can enter the award competition until the 20th of January 2022. An international jury of industry specialists will select a shortlist of nominees due to be announced end of February. 


Quality networking is a big part of making an event a success. The new INTERTRAFFIC Connect tool unlocks the potential of professionals worldwide looking for meaningful business interactions at INTERTRAFFIC Amsterdam and/or online.

INTERTRAFFIC Connect is all about intelligent matchmaking, pre-planning of meetings based on interests and various types of interaction amongst exhibitors and visitors.

Virtual reality at Intertraffic 2018
8. Virtual reality at Intertraffic 2018

All registered visitors and exhibiting Companies are offered free access to this interactive online platform to effectively prepare and get the most out of their Amsterdam trip, connect with business relations, sign up for onsite summit programme sessions by world class speakers and check out new products and solutions. Moreover, the video preview “All Eyes on INTERTRAFFIC Amsterdam” giving an engaging synopsis of the upcoming event is featured within the platform. 

Visitor registration now open

Professionals are invited to join and get up to speed on the key global mobility developments that will be featured in Amsterdam and find the necessary tools to facilitate the mobility transition. Registration has opened for visitors, who can claim their free entrance badge online up to and including 21 March. Invitations extended by exhibitors are always complimentary.

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